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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Well done

Quote day!

Now, this is one I struggle with. I'm good at making plans. Good at figuring out how to do things. Good at seeing the steps needed to get there. Not so good with the doing.

Even when it's small things. I'm good with the build-up, but my follow-through needs work.

At my day job, I struggle through it and manage to finish things. With Tangled Arts....well, I'm working on it. But it seems like in my personal life I have all these lofty goals that I never accomplish.

I think it's a combination of 2 things: laziness and indecisiveness. The laziness, I think is self-explanatory. The indecisiveness is because I can see so many possible end-goals that I can't choose which path to throw myself whole-heartedly into. Like those Choose Your Own Adventure books - I always read every possibility. Sometimes I started at the end and traced the pathway backwards to find the one I liked the best. But in life...well, I guess that's not an option. I'm not unhappy. I am content to be halfway to 30 different goals. At least it keeps life interesting.

But for the girls...I suppose what I hope for them is if they find a dream they can give their whole self too, that they have the courage to do it. And they don't let anything stand in their way, not anything or anyone and especially not their own insecurity. I don't believe that all their dreams will come true. But if they try hard enough and don't get discouraged, I believe they can have at least one.

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