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Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Puppy!

Yay! New puppy!!

My lab and my cocker spaniel flew the coop about a year ago. They were habitual escape artists. We put concrete blocks and landscaping timbers along the bottom of our fence...they still got out. We put down special spike strips you drive into the ground that are designed to keep dogs from digging out, and they still got out. We chained them to a tree...the lab broke his collar. I tried a metal choke collar, but I was afraid he would hurt himself. Finally he busted out a slat in our privacy fence one morning while I was getting ready for work....And they never turned up. Tagged and microchipped and missing. I can only hope that they found some people who took them in

My daughter is a little older now and at 18 months already thinks she doesn't need me anymore. I was ready for a dog again.

I picked up this sweet little gal at the pound and so far she is incredible.

If you're thinking about a dog, go look your local shelter. Usually, you can also go to Click on it. Go ahead. Click now.

She's 2 years old. Originally adopted from the same shelter as a puppy and very recently abandoned.

So far, no accidents in the house (fingers crossed). I've only heard her bark a handful of times; none of those times were at the shelter. And she's been very good. She will let my little girl take toys away from her. Today, she dropped toys at my daughter's feet while they were playing fetch. And she can take treats from my daughter's hand without nipping her little fingers.

We need to work a little on jumping and staying off the furniture. But so far I am convinced we found exactly what we needed.

Now, we just need to work on a name........

Her shelter name was Cookie. I like Lucy, Roxie, Mabel & Rumba. My husband likes Olimpia (I would say Ollie) for a favorite sports team. Since he is not a dog person, but fortunately he loves his wife, we will probably end up with Olimpia. I'm willing to go with a name he likes in exchange for the dog I like, lol.

Ollie? What do you think?

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