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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

coming soon!

Got a big box of yarn today. Oh, I love saying that. I'm trying to be serious about doing the craft fair this year. I keep talking and talking about it. It's risky. Very expensive, with no guarantee I'll make my money back. Plus it's incredibly time-consuming trying to make enough inventory while still keeping up with my normal life.

For now I've just traded sleep for crochet, lol. I think that'll wear off soon though.

I owe it to myself to try though, I think.

I'd be a heck of a lot more efficient if I'd quit developing new patterns, but oh well. I like patterns.

I've got a new asymmetrical beanie, a helmet, a textured shell hood and a light-weight slouchy beanie ready to list as soon as I can get them photographed. Plus the one-piece moebius cowl I am working on as we speak! They'll be appearing on ravelry and etsy soon.

And I've got a free simple hdc beanie to list here as a free pattern and a couple of round dishcloths.

Well, I guess I'd better stop blogging and get down to the real work. Stay tuned!

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