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Monday, March 1, 2010


I have always been fascinated by possibilities. The idea that this thing which is now empty and useless can become something functional and beautiful and magical. Empty rooms, blank notebooks, children, bare walls, new crayons – anything you imagine can become real. Anything. For me, yarn is like that too. Balls and skeins and hanks and twists – smooth yarn, fluffy yarn, fuzzy, yarn, wool, cotton, acrylic, ribbon. You pick one, or two or three. It’s yours after all. You can do whatever you want. You take a hook and you make a loop. And another loop. Loop after loop after loop. And this string which was useless has become a scarf, or a sweater or a toilet seat cover, or whatever. Crochet, any craft really, is a kind of fulfillment. The ultimate achievement for a bit of string.

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