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Friday, June 21, 2013

Love me, love my tardiness

I've figured it out...There's some kind of strange time continuum that breaks down while I am getting ready in the morning. It makes time slower in my house while it continues to pass by at a normal speed in the rest of the world. Namely, my office.

I have adult ADHD, which is it's own special kind of nutso. It's different as an adult than a child. I've never been medicated, but I've always coped pretty well. Now though.... It's been one of those...years. Everything in my life is unsettled right now because of outside circumstances and my little ADHD brain is having trouble coping. As a result, my house is trashed, my work at my day job is not as high quality as it should be and I'm late. Always. For everything.

It's ridiculous. I'm a grown up adult person. I should be able to show up on time. I've tried getting up early, I've tried getting more done before I go to bed, I've: tried setting my clocks 5 minutes ahead, -:I've tried changing my schedule at work to the so I work 8:15 to 5:15. Doesn't work. I am still 2 or 3 minutes late. For church it's more likely to be 15 minutes late. Yesterday I was up about an hour early and I still was 3 minutes late for work, I forgot to put in my contacts, didn't put on any jewelry and forgot deodorant. Good thing I work in the air conditioning.

So... I give up. I'm late. I'm always late. I'm always going to be late. When I get there I will do an awesome job and I will leave 5 minutes late to go home....but I will show up late.

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