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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Return of the Laptop

My new year's resolution was to be regular with my blog posting......yeah, didn't happen. In my defense, there were extenuating circumstances. My computer hard drive failed. On my new computer. So frustrating.


I have my computer back! Yay!


I lost all the data I had on it. Grrr!

So, the computer is back but all my pictures and videos and programs are gone and I'm starting from scratch. Now that it's up and running I have lots of new soapy goodies in the shop and I got my Brambleberry soap swap box!!!

Here's the video of my haul:

And the 2nd one because the first was too long:

Love all my soaps:
Fresh Zucchini Flower by Indigo Moon
Milk & Honey by
Violet by
Cream Cheese Frosting by
Peppermint by Things Are Looking Up
Blueberry Delight & Oatmeal Milk & Honey by Potter Valley Soapworks
Sparkling Apple by
Pineapple Cilantro by
Champagne & Honey Ale - not sure
Salty Mariner & Lemon Verbena by Wendy's Beauty Closet
Soap with no scent label - Naturella Chandelle & Savons
Soapy Clean bicycle soap - not sure
And the felt food in the 2nd video is from Franconia Ridge Studio and they are AWESOME. She's got lots more stuff listed, so check out the shop!

I've promised a video to some of my crochet pattern purchasers to clarify a tricky stitch. It'll be done soon, I promise. I just have to rerecord it, and if you can't tell from this video, quiet alone time is hard to find in my house.

Thanks for watchreading and thanks so much for the wonderful trades!


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